We Use Intelligence to Serve New Mobility

Specializing in the development of intelligent, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions, Navya’s Research and Development department renews and continually changes technology’s capabilities.

Intelligence serving new mobility. Navya can count on its Research and Development team, one of the most experienced in the world, to develop innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. Our engineers – computer experts and engineers – continually innovate in terms of artificial intelligence and decision-making so that technology progresses. They work with complex technology that merges computer expertise, automobile manufacturing and advanced techniques in navigation, geolocation and telecommunications.

Drawing on an agile and fluid organization, our R&D team conceives the software, programs and algorithms that drive and control autonomous shuttles, resulting in perception (detecting obstacles), decision (planning itinerary and path) and action (applying decisions).

Their objective is to make our solutions increasingly effective.


NAVYA fournisseur services

We Provide Dedicated and Personalized Services to Assist Customers and End-Users

Navya offers a wide range of services, including supervision and maintenance for clients and an application for passengers, for a fully optimized mobility solution.

As well as providing a fleet of shuttles, Navya’s wide range of services allows it to work hand in hand with its clients for fleet supervision, vehicle maintenance and providing a passenger application.

Practically speaking,

  • NAVYA LEAD, the supervision service, can oversee shuttle fleets anywhere in the world. The objective is to guarantee service performance and continuity.
  • NAVYA ASSISTANCE is dedicated to Navya Shuttle maintenance, and the service includes replacing and repairing mechanical and electric parts.
  • NAVYA APP, the application for travelers, provides access in real time to all practical information.