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Valeo, our Technology Partner

Valeo and Navya became partners in October 2016. Their collaboration is centered around having access to the Valeo Group’s technology and materials in order to integrate them into autonomous shuttles and optimize sensor data analysis, essential to intelligent mobility.

In October 2016, Valeo also became one of Navya’s major shareholders.

In June 2021, Valeo and Navya have decided to step up their technological and industrial collaboration in the field of autonomous shuttles. The aim is to ramp up the Research and Development program to build level 4 autonomous driving systems that can be brought to market within the next three years.

About Valeo

Valeo is an automotive supplier, partner to all automakers worldwide. As a technology company, Valeo proposes innovative products and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the development of intuitive driving. In 2020, the Group generated sales of 16.4 billion euros and invested 12% of its original equipment sales in Research and Development. At December 31, 2020, Valeo had 187 plants, 20 research centers, 43 development centers and 15 distribution platforms, and employed 110,300 people in 33 countries worldwide. Valeo is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.


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Keolis, our Fleet Deployment Partner

Navya and Keolis became partners in October 2016. With Keolis, a company specializing in the public transportation of passengers, Navya is able to meet demands to manage driverless fleets used by local authorities, following the example of their associations in Chateauroux, the first fully autonomous level 4 operation on a closed site, or recently in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines with the first deployment project on an open road with a service level commitment. Together, Keolis and Navya make the latest mobility technology available.

In October 2016, Keolis also became one of Navya’s principle shareholders, entering into the group’s capital as part of a €30 million capital increase.

About Keolis

Keolis is a pioneer in developing public transport systems and works alongside public authorities who want to enhance shared mobility systems to grow the appeal and vitality of their regions. A world leader in operating automated metro and tramway systems, Keolis and its partners and subsidiaries Kisio, EFFIA, Keolis Santé and Cykleo support the core business with innovations offering new and bespoke shared mobility solutions for modes including trains, buses and coaches, trolleybuses, shared car solutions, river and sea shuttle services, bike share services, car sharing, fully electric driverless shuttles and urban cable cars.

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About Macnica

Macnica is a world leader in the supply of semiconductors, electronic components, network equipment, software products and various services to customers worldwide in the electronics and business computing markets. In addition to global supply chain logistics in Japan, China, Asia, North America, South America and Europe, Macnica offers its customers world-class technical support. In addition, Macnica uses its systems expertise to propose new standards and applications and develop key intellectual property for emerging markets and applications, making it easier for customers to address these new markets.

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In February 2021, Navya and Bluebus (Bolloré Group) initiate discussions with the aim of developing an autonomous 6-meter bus. The two companies wish to gather their mutual expertise through a technical partnership to design and develop a self-driving vehicle. After a first round of constructive discussions, the two companies today confirm their desire to expand their work, with the aim of concluding a partnership agreement in the near future.

About Bluebus

Created in 2007 at Ergué-Gabéric (Brittany), Bluebus, part of the Bolloré Group, is a French manufacturer of 100% electric buses, available in 6 meters and 12 meters. These buses are equipped with LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries produced by Blue Solutions, whose all-solid architecture, without cobalt, solvent or "rare earth" is unique in the world. The production sites for Bluebus e-buses and Blue Solutions LMP® batteries get the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications and the Guaranteed French Origin label. The Bluebus range offers zero-emission technology and a silent solution responding to the demand of public entities and transport operators for clean and sustainable mobility. Today, more than 400 Bluebus e-buses are in operation around the world.

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REE Automotive

In April 2021, Navya and REE Automotive, company headquartered in Tel Aviv, announce that they have signed an agreement to develop a level 4 autonomous system including REEcorner disruptive technology, which integrates critical vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain and control) into the arch of the wheel, and Navya self-driving solutions.

About REE Automotive

REE is an automotive technology leader creating the cornerstone for tomorrow’s zero-emission vehicles. REE’s mission is to empower global mobility companies to build any size or shape of electric or autonomous vehicle – from class 1 through class 6 – for any application and any target market.
Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with subsidiaries in the USA, the UK and Germany. REE has a unique CapEx-light manufacturing model that leverages its Tier 1 partners’ existing production lines. REE’s technology, together with their unique value proposition and commitment to excellence, positions REE to break new ground in e-Mobility.