NAVYA empowers businesses & communities, reshaping their future with a safe, profitable & efficient mobility.

Since its creation, NAVYA has been leading the battle to reinvent and transform mobility.

NAVYA's teams are leading this battle on a daily basis by working alongside cities and private sites to offer and implement high-performance, tailored AUTONOMOUS solutions.
With AUTONOM SHUTTLE, already in use worldwide, NAVYA is redefining mobility. Driverless and electric, AUTONOMS combine robotic, digital and motor technologies at the highest level.

The AUTONOM range has been designed and developed to offer a revolutionary mobility service for cities and private sites.

  • On a global scale, this fluid and intelligent mobility service responds to the major challenges of urbanization, as well as pollution and safety issues.
  • On a city scale, the AUTONOM range aims to make cities more fluid by providing a solution to the phenomenon of congestion.
  • On a human scale, these new mobility solutions bring users into the AUTONOM era, with a personalised, connected and efficient service.

NAVYA makes self-driving solutions a reality, to reinvent today the transportation systems of tomorrow

Our company develops autonomous driving systems capable of solving the problem of the first and last mile.

Our mission: to support our customers - cities, transport operators and private sites - by reshaping transportation systems.

NAVYA offers thus a safe, profitable and high-performance mobility experience.