Étienne Hermite, Chief Executive Officer


Etienne HermitNAVYA de1ec

Dear Sir, Madam, Investor,

Following our IPO on Euronext Paris, I have the great pleasure, as Chief Executive Officer and on behalf of all the employees of the Group, to tell you about NAVYA, the French pioneer company on the autonomous vehicle market.

What is NAVYA?

NAVYA is a leading player in the autonomous vehicle market and in smart and shared mobility solutions. We engineer, manufacture and market autonomous and driverless electric vehicles.

Founded in 2014 with now over 250 employees in France and in the United States, NAVYA has been the first company to market and put into service autonomous mobility solutions. Positioned across the entire mobility solutions value chain, NAVYA focuses on autonomous vehicles that combine high-level robotic, digital and driving technologies that have been designed from the start without steering wheels or pedals.


“Mobility as a service”: urban mobility, a promising market where NAVYA stands out, as a pioneer in the sector

Today, mobility services are confronted with the triple challenge faced by the urban transport ecosystem: economic, environmental and social.

The market is indeed evolving with a shift from personal vehicles to mobility solutions (individual or shared), which are used as a “service”.

“Mobility as a service” is in line with underlying trends such as the exponential development of cities and megacities, which leads to a new economy of sharing and use.

We can already estimate the benefits that these mobility services will bring to the planet, the global economy as well as users, such as reducing pollution, reducing congestion in city centres, reducing energy consumption and maximizing road safety.

It is estimated that, worldwide, in 2025:

  • 34,000 autonomous shuttles will be sold, i.e. an average annual growth of 93%, with most of them replacing traditional buses; and
  • approximately 2 million robocabs will be sold, significantly contributing to urban transport.

The ambitions of NAVYA

NAVYA is at the forefront of the autonomous mobility revolution.

Our ambition is based on a strategy focused on three main elements:

  • We will continue to invest in our strengths, particularly in R&D, in order to maintain our technological edge;
  • We will strengthen our organization, especially on the commercial side, and increase manufacturing capacity to take advantage of the market’s significant potential; and
  • We will enter new markets and develop new uses, including the freight and airport segments.

With our recognized strengths, our highly experienced team, top-tier partners and the support of our shareholders to implement this strategy, we expect to achieve in 2021:

  • 40% of the autonomous shuttle market, worth an estimated 1 billion euros; and
  • a significant share of the robocab market.

Today, NAVYA has the keys to reach new milestones in terms of technology, products and services and activity development.