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Olivier Le Cornec, Chief Executive Officer

Madam, Sir, dear investors,

Following our IPO on Euronext Paris in 2018, I have the great pleasure, as Chief Executive Officer and on behalf of all the employees of the Group, to tell you about Navya, a French leader in autonomous driving systems.

What is Navya?

Created in 2014, the Company has been the first to market and put into service autonomous mobility solutions. Today with 280 employees in France, the United States and in Singapore, Navya's ambition is to be the leading player for the supply of autonomous driving systems for the transport of passengers and goods.

Our mission: to support our customers - cities, transport operators and private sites - by reshaping their transportation systems. To do this, we develop autonomous driving systems capable of solving the first and last mile issue.


 « Mobility as a service » : mobility, a buoyant market supported by structural trends

Today, mobility services are confronted with the triple challenge faced by the urban transport ecosystem: economic, environmental and social.

The market is indeed evolving with a shift from personal vehicles to mobility solutions (individual or shared), which are used as a “service”.

“Mobility as a service” is in line with underlying trends such as the exponential development of cities and megacities, which leads to a new economy of sharing and use.

The benefits of these new mobility services are clearly identified : reducing pollution, reducing congestion in city centres, reducing energy consumption and maximizing road safety.

The ambitions of Navya

Over the past few years, various experiments conducted worldwide have confirmed the relevance of autonomous vehicles, which are emerging as the innovative and responsible mobility solution of the future, for limited distances, for the first and last mile in a well-defined environment and at reduced speeds.

Navya has thus continued to invest in the development of its technology and has reaffirmed its ambition to be the benchmark player in the supply of level 4 autonomous driving systems (in a limited context and a predefined situation, the car is able to move without a driver). In addition, the Company has established technological and industrial partnerships with major players in mobility: BlueBus, REE Automotive, Valeo.

Building on these achievements, we will now accelerate our technological leadership and prepare for industrialization to successfully market our level 4 solutions.